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Human Adult Peripheral and Umbilical Cord Blood Platelet-Rich Plasma Have Similar Effects on Skin Healing Processes

Aug 28, 2017 9:31:22 AM / by Stacy Matthews Branch, DVM, PhD

wound-dressingRegrowth and healing of skin after severe traumas such as burns and other extensive skin damage are significant medical challenges and depend on complex skin regeneration mechanisms. Skin and other tissue regeneration processes start with platelet degranulation and clotting that are associated with the release of a number of factors including clotting factors and cytokines. Skin tissue regeneration also relies on the action of growth factors. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is beneficial for tissue regeneration processes because platelets promote the secretion of growth factors that are essential in wound healing.

Human umbilical cord blood PRP has substantial levels of a number of growth factors including fibroblast, epidermal, endothelial, and vascular growth factors. Also abundant are insulin-like growth factor-1 and cytokines. The effects of human umbilical cord blood on cell proliferation and migration have not previously been compared to that of adult peripheral blood. To this end, studies were done to assess the effects of these blood sources on proliferation and migration, which are crucial processes in wound-healing.

Fibroblasts were obtained from full-thickness human skin samples from cosmetic surgery patients, and PRP was provided from whole adult peripheral or umbilical cord blood. Fibroblasts were incubated with different concentrations of PRP, and MTT assays were performed to evaluate cell viability and proliferation. Components of the umbilical cord blood PRP considerably stimulated fibroblast growth. The same experiment with adult PRP stimulated fibroblast growth similarly. Regarding cell migration, a 20% concentration of umbilical cord blood PRP and 10% adult peripheral blood PRP significantly stimulated skin fibroblast migration when compared to serum free media.

Taken together, no significant differences were seen in the capacity to induce cell proliferation and migration between the two studied PRP sources. These findings are of clinical value particularly in situations where there is limited or no adult blood PRP available. Positive clinical results could be achieved using umbilical cord blood PRP; therefore, umbilical cord blood PRP can induce adequate proliferation and migration processes for wound healing.

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