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Happy New Year! The Top Ten HemaCare Blogs of 2019

Dec 19, 2019 10:11:00 AM / by Nancy Andon, MSc

Happy New Year 2020_AdobeStock_300895966-1It’s hard to believe that 2020 is almost here! As 2019 draws to a close, it’s a good time to look back on a year abundant in innovative medical discoveries and advances. To highlight some of the most interesting developments in the cell therapy field, we are pleased to present HemaCare’s 10 most popular blogs of the year, and the improvements in healthcare that they represent. Enjoy the countdown!

10. New HemaCare Publication Stipulates the Need for Healthy Donor Tissue

Clinical success stories and expedited approval pathways are fueling an increase in the number of cell and gene therapies entering clinical pipelines. Suppliers are feeling the heat—and finding new ways to increase access to high-quality, healthy donor starting material.

9. Mobilization Mechanics: The Complex World of Stem Cell Mobilization

Stem cell mobilization opened up a new frontier in stem cell research, as sourcing stem cells became a simpler process that is less stressful to donors. This blog demystifies the mobilization process and explores the implications of improved stem cell availability.

8. HemaCare Leukopaks Employed for Development of Bi-Specific Antibodies for Cancer Immunotherapy

Bi-specific antibodies can bind both immune cells and cancer cells at the same time, bringing greater flexibility and target specificity to cancer immunotherapy.

7. Medicare’s Decision to Cover Cell Therapy Treatments

Medicare will now cover high-priced blood cancer cell therapies nationwide, a decision which will accelerate efforts to expand the availability of new CAR T cell cancer therapies.

6. What Impacts Starting Material Quality? Part 1: Donor Variability

Donor demographics impact cell therapy starting material variability. Since donor variability is inherent to cell-based therapeutics, careful pre-planning is needed to ensure that quality and efficacy are safeguarded throughout cell therapy process development. Part 1 of a 3-part series.

5. The Changing Landscape of Clinical Approval

Learn how changes in the clinical drug approval process are impacting cell therapy starting material suppliers, and what those suppliers are doing to help meet increased demands.

4. HemaCare Starting Material Provides Real-Time Data on Therapeutic Cell Quality

GMP-compliant HemaCare leukopaks were used for research on tracking cell quality biomarkers in real-time during process development. In-line quality assessment is accomplished through the use of “Raman spectroscopy” data, with which researchers are able to accurately track cell proliferation, nutrient depletion, and metabolite production.

3. HemaCare Leukopaks Used for Production of Allogeneic CAR T cells

CAR T cell therapies are big news! As CAR T therapies are scaled up and out to reach a wider population, scientists are now developing ways to use T cells sourced from healthy donors rather than patients.

2. FDA Policy Changes will Accelerate Cell and Gene Therapy Approvals

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expect to be approving 10-20 cell and gene therapy products a year by 2025. To keep up with the revolutionary impact these therapies are having on medicine, the agency is adding staff and rolling out policy changes aimed at keeping pace with the influx of therapies, and ensuring their safety and efficacy.

And finally, our #1 blog post from 2019--drum roll please:

1. HemaCare Rings in the New Year with New Headquarters and a Cutting-Edge Collection Center

Our most popular blog post for 2019 focused on something we’re very proud of—our state-of-the-art new collection center! The 40,000 square foot facility, equipped with GMP-compliant clean rooms, is already proving to be central to HemaCare’s mission: to support best-in-class drug discovery, scientific research, and cell therapy.

We hope you enjoy checking out these blogs, and that the New Year brings many more fascinating medical advances. HemaCare wishes all of you a healthy, happy 2020!

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Nancy Andon, MSc

Written by Nancy Andon, MSc

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