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HemaCare Rings in the New Year with New Headquarters and a Cutting-Edge Collection Center

Feb 5, 2019 10:08:00 AM / by Nancy Andon, MSc

Tech_room_with_Ruben_final[1]-1HemaCare Corporation’s new global headquarters is officially open for business! The company started 2019 in a brand new 40,000 square foot space in a newly modernized 44-acre corporate campus located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley at Northridge. The design and construction of the cutting-edge facility provide a spacious workspace that promotes the well-being of its occupants, while significantly expanding the company’s on-site capabilities.

The company’s new cell collection center provides a streamlined functionality unique to the apheresis industry: enabling on-site donor recruitment and collection, as well as same day downstream processing, storage, and transport of both fresh and cryopreserved cell therapy starting materials. Having apheresis collection and immediate downstream processing both on-site allows for quality oversight of the entire starting material production process and eliminates the need to ship to a cell processing center.  It also results in HemaCare products having higher post thaw recovery, viability, and functionality.

GMP process

Expanded GMP capabilities are central to HemaCare’s mission. Four GMP-regulated clean room suites will accommodate projects that require processing within a completely sterile controlled environment, a necessity for some clinical-stage products. GMP capabilities include cell collection, cell washing, isolation/separation, and controlled-rate freezing for cryopreservation. This is an industry first; no competing center offers clean room processing capabilities on-site with their collection facility. This will result in HemaCare’s ability to meet more complex demands for cell therapy process development, as well as provide more refined source starting material which can help to eliminate some of the bottlenecks leading to increased throughput for downstream manufacturing.

"This relocation and expansion will significantly assist HemaCare in fulfilling its mission of providing a best-in-class portfolio of high quality, customizable human cellular material and services to support drug discovery, scientific research, and cell therapy.”
- Pete van der Wal, President and CEO of HemaCare.

HemaCare’s new facility and capabilities are an exciting start to the new year, but these improvements are only half the story. HemaCare recognizes that being a world class company means attracting and retaining highly qualified and knowledgeable staff and a large, reliable donor network.

HemaCare maintains long-term donor relationships and recruits new donors through proactive outreach efforts. Donors are kept updated about how they are helping both patients and disease research efforts in order to provide them with a better understanding regarding the importance of each donation. The expanded space of HemaCare’s new headquarters allows for more donors to be seen on a daily basis. Increased recruitment capabilities will improve access to reliable, recallable donors, while higher donor throughput will allow the center to support and match the requirements of a rapidly growing industry. The end result is enhanced availability of high-quality apheresis material to meet autologous process development and allogeneic starting material requirements.

HemaCare’s new corporate headquarters embody a bold vision and a promising start to the new year. The company is working hard to ensure that the move will provide customers with a seamless transition from donor recruitment to high-quality consistent cell therapy starting material, all in a welcoming workspace that will attract talent and promote an atmosphere of innovation.

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Nancy Andon, MSc

Written by Nancy Andon, MSc

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