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ISCT Part 1:The Importance of Cell Quality in Cell Therapy

Jul 9, 2014 1:10:30 PM / by Maria

[pullquote]Bringing cell based technologies to the clinic relies upon one simple thing – the quality of your cells. [/pullquote]

Cell therapy and immunotherapy have completely changed therapeutic avenues for many diseases.  Often overlooked are the rigorous processes required to collect, isolate, and characterize precious cells.  HemaCare led the panel at the International Society of Cell Therapy in Paris where leaders in the field discussed enabling advances in cell processing for cell therapy development.

Dr. Scott Burger, MD, Scientific Advisory Board Chairman for HemaCare, opened the event by setting the stage:  “Consistent and well controlled cell collection and accurate characterization of those cells is an absolute fundamental foundation point for effective cell therapy R&D and manufacturing.“ 

Cell manufacturing involves many steps ranging from collection of the cells to the final administration. Focus is routinely placed on manufacturing and characterization of cells. However, great advances have been made in isolating, preserving, and shipping biological samples, which is enabling a broader range of applications.  Human samples come with extensive biological diversity. Process variability amplifies biological variability.

Dr Burger astutely notes: "We always face biological variability, but process related variability is something that amplifies the challenges of biological variability. Controlled consistent collection is absolutely crucial so we are not handicapped by needlessly variable starting material in our research. It’s essential to reduce process related variability, leaving only a little nugget of biological variability.

Decreased process variability allows the focus to be on the raw material. Nothing is more valuable than the maintaining the initial capabilities and function of the starting cells.

According to Dr. Burger, ensuring high quality raw material results in the following:

  • Maintenance of viable functional cells from end to end 
  • Reduced costs 
  • Product robustness 
  • Clinical flexibility

From the initial isolation of cells, the ultimate goal must be considered: delivering functional cells. Because of this, HemaCare has partnered with world leaders to ensure that cells are isolated and preserved under optimum conditions to expand research and clinical capabilities.  

Watch the video of Dr. Burger’s introduction to this prestigious ISCT panel.

Cell quality is essential for effective cell therapy Cell quality is essential for effective cell therapy. Watch the video now.

Stay tuned for part 2 and part 3 in this ISCT blog series, where Dr Stephen Minger and Dr. Aby Mathew, Scientific Advisory Board members of HemaCare discuss how high content imaging has become central to cell characterization and on best practices in stability and biopreservation of cells.

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Written by Maria

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