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BIO 2014 Regenerative Medicine: A New Paradigm in Therapeutics

Jul 3, 2014 12:55:57 PM / by Maria posted in BIO 2014, Innovation, regenerative medicine, research, stem cells


In our previous blogs covering BIO 2014, we discussed the role of partnering and cGMP compliance by cell therapy companies. Regenerative medicine emerged as a hot topic at BIO 2014 in San Diego this year with a full day panel discussing concerns, trends, and opportunities.  Regenerative medicine is a novel and innovative approach to treating disease in which there is the immense prospect of completely curing the patient's disease through introduction and creation of entirely new tissues.  While this might seem like it's science fiction, what might be other worldly are the ways regenerative medicine is reshaping our industry by affecting drug development costs, a new technological approach, and significantly impacting healthcare costs.

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