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ISCT Part 3: Biopreservation Implementation is Essential Throughout Cell Processing

Jul 14, 2014 1:10:19 PM / by Maria posted in biopreservation, cell processing, cell quality, Cell Therapy, research


Cell therapy applications are quickly moving into the clinic. Cell quality is critical in providing an end product with optimal therapeutic efficacy. In the previous blogs for this series, we summarized the role of starting material in cell therapy presented by Dr. Burger and then Dr. Minger presented how cells are obtained and grown on an industrial scale.  The next presenter at the HemaCare hosted panel at the International Society for Cell Therapy was Dr. Aby Mathew, Ph.D., a Scientific Advisory Board member at HemaCare and Senior VP & CTO, BioLife Solutions, Inc. presented on best practices in stability and biopreservation of cells.  

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