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ISCT Part 2: Cell Characterization and Validation for Cell Therapy

Jul 11, 2014 12:40:49 PM / by Maria posted in cell characterization, cell quality, Cell Therapy, research


HemaCare recently hosted a panel at the International Society of Cell Therapy’s annual meeting on Sourcing, Isolating, Preserving, Shipping and Tracking Biological samples. Previously, we summarized why cell quality is critical in developing cell therapy applications. The goal of cell therapy is to deliver cells to a patient to perform a function. Therefore maintaining the function of the cells is critical for developing cell therapies. At the HemaCare hosted panel, Dr. Stephen Minger (Scientific Advisory Board member of Hemacare and Chief Scientist at GE Healthcare Life Sciences) presented on how over the last 5 years, they have developed large scale amplification of cells for drug development and cell therapy applications.  He summarized the challenges and solutions they have encountered in characterizing large scale lots of human cells.

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