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An Old Player With a New Role: Macrophages Link the Immune and Sympathetic Nervous Systems to Prevent Multiple Sclerosis Progression

Feb 1, 2016 1:00:04 PM / by Dalia Gaddis posted in autoimmune disease, Central nervous system, Multiple Sclerosis, Nor-epinephrine, Nr4a1, research


Researchers find that Nr4a1 expression in macrophages link the sympathetic and immune systems and limit inflammation during multiple sclerosis.

It is becoming more apparent every day that the different systems of the human body influence each other substantially more than what was previously thought. New research provides evidence that this is the case with the immune and sympathetic nervous systems. The linking factor is macrophages and a transcription factor they express, Nr4a1, and the result is affecting the outcome of multiple sclerosis.

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