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Scientists Grow Retinal Ganglion Cells from Stem Cells

Jan 27, 2016 1:00:04 PM / by Shweta posted in cellular reprogramming, CRISPR, gene editing, Innovation, research, stem cell transplantation, Stem Cells


The gene editing tool CRISPR along with stem cells help scientists create retinal ganglion cells in the lab

Degeneration of retinal ganglion cells often leads to progressive and irreversible vision loss. These cells are the type of nerve cells located within the retina, which transmit visual signals from the eye to the brain. Retinal ganglion cells have limited intrinsic capacity to regenerate and cannot be replaced by new cells. Glaucoma and multiple sclerosis are the most common type of optic neuropathies that lead to vision loss and blindness due to death of retinal ganglion cells.

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Scientists Successfully Edit Human T Cells using CRISPR

Oct 7, 2015 1:00:22 PM / by Karina Palomares posted in autoimmune diseases, Cancer, CRISPR, HIV, research, T Cells


UCSF scientists have developed a new strategy to precisely modify human T cells using the CRISPR/Cas9 system.

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