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New Treatment Options May Lead to Dramatic Increase in Survival Rate for Patients Receiving Immunotherapy for NSCLC

Apr 20, 2021 10:05:00 AM / by Stacy Matthews Branch, DVM, PhD posted in Immunotherapy (Immunology)


A study showed that patients who have received immunotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer can get more than one immune relative side effect.

The most common form of lung cancer is non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). It is divided into four stages, depending on the lung tumor’s size and location(s). Surgery and chemotherapy are common approaches to treatment, but newer approaches such as targeted therapy and immunotherapy provide promising survival benefits for patients with NSCLC.

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HemaCare Publication Shines the Spotlight on Dedicated Donors

Apr 15, 2021 10:07:00 AM / by Nancy Andon, MSc posted in Cell Therapy, Cell Therapy Manufacturing, Immunotherapy (Immunology)


HemaCare scientists have just published a white paper on a new raw material sourcing paradigm that they hope will transform the industry.

The publication centers on dedicated donors; recallable donors who are reserved to specific research programs. The basic premise is that clients will be able to reserve self-identified recallable donors who possess physiological or demographic traits deemed beneficial to a particular research program.

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Granulocytes–Just Say No!

Apr 13, 2021 10:02:00 AM / by Nancy Andon, MSc posted in Cell Therapy, Basic Research, Immunotherapy (Immunology)


Isolated immune cell populations support a wide variety of research and cell therapy applications. Because purification and preliminary characterization of immune cell subsets can be time-consuming and costly, many researchers prefer to purchase isolated immune cells rather than raw materials.

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HemaCare Isolated Immune Cells Bring Quality To Your Doorstep

Mar 31, 2021 10:03:00 AM / by Nancy Andon, MSc posted in Leukopak, Immunotherapy (Immunology)


You wanted cell isolation – we delivered!

In 2021, the word isolation tends to have garnered a negative connotation. However, when a cell biologist thinks of isolation, specifically cell isolation, they think of it as a wonderful thing.

After all, isolated cells are a sought-after starting material that allows scientists to dive deeper into their research and accelerate their studies. At HemaCare, we heard your requests and can now deliver isolated immune cells from full leukopak collections to your doorstep!

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Diabetes Researchers Discover High Levels of Predatory CD8+ T Cells in the Pancreas of Healthy People

Mar 9, 2021 10:07:00 AM / by Stacy Matthews Branch, DVM, PhD posted in T Cells, Immunotherapy (Immunology)


A new study that was led by scientists at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology showed that healthy people can have predatory CD8+ T cells in their pancreases, and in high numbers. 

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) develops when the body’s own immune system destroys the pancreatic beta cells. Breakdown in peripheral tolerance and compromised thymic selection have been thought to be associated with the development of T1D. However, the results of a recent study challenge this belief.

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