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New Improvements for Prostate Cancer Immunotherapy

Jun 25, 2018 10:08:00 AM / by Stacy Matthews Branch, DVM, PhD posted in new immunotherapy advances, Cancer, Dendritic Cells, Vaccine Research, Immunotherapy (Immunology)


Immunotherapy is a highly studied treatment for cancers, and is now being considered for the treatment of prostate cancer, the most common cancer diagnosis for U.S. men.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis for men in the U.S. and a leading cause of cancer-related death. A heavily studied cancer treatment approach is immunotherapy and is increasingly being investigated for the treatment of prostate cancer. Although results of immunotherapy trials for prostate cancer present many challenges (relapse and development of resistance in some patients), they still show potential therapeutic promise.

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CD34 Stem Cell−Derived Natural Killer Cells Are Better for Immunotherapy than Peripheral or Cord Blood Natural Killer Cells

May 19, 2017 2:21:35 PM / by Stacy Matthews Branch, DVM, PhD posted in bioresearch, new immunotherapy advances, Stem Cell Therapy, Stem Cells, Basic Research


Natural killer (NK) cells are immune cells that can be used as a form of immunotherapy and are particularly effective in the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). NK cells can be obtained from peripheral or cord blood, but with low yields. This limits their use for patients that need multiple treatments. They also have a short survival time and do not proliferate or remain viable after injection into patients. The availability of NK cells for therapy can be enhanced by stimulating their production from hematopoietic (CD 34+) stem cells.

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Dec 30, 2016 12:00:55 AM / by Stacy Matthews Branch, DVM, PhD posted in B Cells, new immunotherapy advances, T Cells, Uncategorized


A new year brings opportunities to reflect and make decisions to produce more success and happiness. These include New Year resolutions about stopping unhealthy habits and replacing with new healthy ones. Whether the goal is to eat more spinach or spend less time playing games on android phones, many will embark on changes aimed to reach health goals. There are new and emerging therapies that can help many who are struggling with medical issues to reach their health goals for the New Year. Developments such as in immunotherapy are changing the way medicine is practiced. It also provides new approaches that help our natural defense mechanisms lead us to healthier states.

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