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4D Stem Cell Biology and the Next Generation of Regenerative Medicine

Feb 27, 2014 7:00:10 AM / by Maria posted in drug screening, Gene Therapy, Cell Therapy, cellular reprogramming, Drug Discovery, Innovation, iPSCs, organ transplants, organogenesis, personalized medicine, research, stem cell therapy, Stem Cells, tissue engineering


In Part I and II of this series of posts, we covered self-organization of ectodermal and endodermal tissues in 3D culture but much of the recent progress in the field of stem cell biology comes from understanding organogenesis in 3D culture in what is really more like 4 dimensions. Whereas self-organization in 3D culture uses artificial scaffolds required for cells to achieve structural formation, 4D stem cell biology involves natural development of complex tissues by following the internal agenda of the cells. Although transplantation of these self-organized tissues may be superior to conventional engineering that is not to say that the additional use of scaffolds and growth factors in tissue engineering would not improve upon the results of stem cell culture and organogenesis.

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