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Inducing Fas Ligand in Dendritic Cells Gives Them an Edge Against Inflammatory Bowl Disease

Jul 11, 2016 1:00:32 PM / by Dalia Gaddis posted in crohn's disease, Inflammation, T Cells, therapy, Basic Research


Researchers find that dendritic cells transduced with Fas Ligand are effective in treating colon inflammation.

Dendritic cells are constantly sampling the lumen of the intestines for harmful bacterial. Once they find a threat, they migrate to the neighboring lymph nodes to activate T cells. Since our intestines contain hundreds of millions of bacterial cells, dendritic cells have developed to ignore the commensal bacteria that would not harm us. This “ignorance” or tolerance has proved essential for intestinal health. Breakdown of this tolerance results in inflammatory bowel diseases or IBD. We have previously written about how defective dendritic cells are to blame for the initiation of IBD.

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Cord Blood T cells Possess Superpowers in Eliminating Tumors

Feb 17, 2016 1:00:17 PM / by Dalia Gaddis posted in Cancer, Cytotoxic T Cells, lymphoma, therapy, transplant, Basic Research, Immunotherapy (Immunology)


Researchers find that cord blood T cells are more efficient in killing cancer cells than T cells from peripheral blood.

It is a common practice now for obstetricians to provide expectant mothers with information on cord blood banking. New evidence is emerging every day that cord blood possesses many superior qualities. Even after being done with its main job of nourishing a baby, it is found by scientists to help in many diseases, particularly cancer therapy.

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