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Vaccine + Antibody = Kill Cancer or Kill Tumor

Aug 31, 2016 1:30:31 AM / by Stacy Matthews Branch, DVM, PhD posted in Cancer, Cytotoxic T Cells, Tumors, Vaccine Research


Antitumor combination therapy is a strategy to mount a more successful attack on tumor growth. Significant suppression of tumor growth by enhancing cytotoxic T cell activation can be achieved with the combined use of an antitumor vaccine and immune checkpoint antibody treatment. The function of cancer vaccines include stimulating the immune system to mount an attack against tumor cells, as well as enhancing cytotoxic T cell reactions. However, checkpoint antibodies are treatments designed to inhibit factors that prevent the function of cytotoxic T cells. These factors represent one of the main weaponry used by cancer cells against immune system attack.

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Tumor-Adjacent Dendritic Cells Crucial for Cancer Growth in T-Cell Leukemia

Jul 13, 2016 1:00:11 PM / by Steffen Porwollik posted in leukemia, stromal cells, T Cells, T lymphocytes, Tumors, white blood cells, Basic Research


Scientists examine the effect of the tumor microenvironment on cancer fate in acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), a disease prevalent in young children. They find that the tumor-adjacent dendritic cells provide essential cues for cancer growth.

For the past fifty years, the incidence of acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), a cancer of immature white blood cells, has been rising steadily. Currently, about 6,500 new cases occur annually in the US. The onset of the wretched disease is most common in early childhood, between ages 2 and 5, but can also happen later in life. Luckily, modern chemotherapy and stem cell approaches have resulted in a substantial increase in the 5-year survival rate for children affected by the disease, to over 75%. However, outlook remains poor for those that do not respond well to these therapies. As is the case for the disease’s chronic counterpart, CLL, more treatment options are sorely needed (as we recently reported).

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The Good Side of Cholesterol: It Potentiates CD8 T cells Anti-tumor Activity

Jun 6, 2016 1:00:33 PM / by Dalia Gaddis posted in Cancer, T Cells, Tumors, Immunotherapy (Immunology)


Researchers find that modulating cholesterol metabolism makes CD8 T cells better at fighting cancer.

We all know that too much cholesterol is bad for our health. However, our CD8 T cells beg to differ. If they accumulate more cholesterol inside their plasma membrane, they become better at fighting cancer. This is what the latest research published in the journal Nature shows.

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Tetraspanin CD37: a New Player in the Immunotherapeutic Arsenal Against B Cell Lymphoma

Mar 14, 2016 1:00:46 PM / by Dalia Gaddis posted in Cancer, immune system, tetraspanin, Tumors, Basic Research, Immunotherapy (Immunology)


Researchers discover a missing link in the progression of B cell lymphoma.

Diffuse large B cell lymphoma is the most common form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), contributing to about 30% of the cases in the United States. It is an aggressive form of NHL that usually presents itself with severe swelling of the lymph nodes at the sites being affected. The most common therapy for the disease is a combined immunotherapy with rituximab and radiotherapy. Secondary therapies are also used for patients who do not respond to the initial therapy, or who relapse after a period of remission.1

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Cholesterol-lowering Drugs Protect the Heart and Prevent Against Gastric Cancer

Feb 8, 2016 1:00:59 PM / by Dalia Gaddis posted in Tumors, Basic Research, Immunotherapy (Immunology)


Researchers find that statins can reduce gastric cancer by affecting the main causative bacteria, Helicobacter pylori.

It's a scientist’s dream: to find that an already known medication can treat a second and completely unrelated disease. This is what a research group recently may have found. The cholesterol-lowering drugs, statins, might reduce gastric cancer incidence by affecting the bacteria that causes the cancer.

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